• Polish Census 2014 

    With this project we want to learn more about our community. The questions are designed to find out more about the degrees that Polish students choose, their plans for the future and what they expect from their future employers.

  • VII Congress of Polish Student Societies

    This year the congress is organised by Polish students in Lancaster and Manchester and our board is involved in the organisation. The confirmed speakers so far include minister Szczurek and Jerzy Owsiak, it promises to be a great event!

  • Socials

    One of the most valuable assets of our community are contacts that we maker during our years spent studying here. There is nothing better than making new friends and networking over a pint of beer. We meet once a month in London’s The Knights Templar and twice a year in Warsaw. Anyone is very welcome to join.

  • History Project

    Perhaps not everyone knows that the history of our community started in the 1940s, when young Poles forced by WWII had to leave their behind and they started coming to the UK. This is when the first Association of Poles Studying Abroad was formed. We want to learn more about our predecessors, digitalise that information. If you are interested in historical research, please do contact us as we will need more volunteers to run this project.

  • High School Outreach

    Not everyone in Poland knows that studying in the UK is in the reach of many talented students. We want to spread this message. We will soon be developing a mentoring project, but if you would like to promote UK universities in your town’s high schools, please do get in touch and we will provide you with our materials.

  • Polish exhibitions

    We are currently in charge of two exhibitions on Polish history: ‘The Decade of Solidarity 1979-1989’ and ’20 year of Polish Freedom’. The exhibitions were already shown at the University of Lancaster and the University of Edinburgh and are currently on their way up north and will be coming down south later this year. If your society would be interested in organising an exhibition using our materials, please do get in touch.

  • A database of Polish societies

    We have currently 32 member societies and every year we update our database with contacts to current committees. It allows us to keep the member of the committees updated on what we work on as well as provide them with contacts when they want to organise joint event with other societies.