Maciej Mańka

University College London

Maciej spend his childhood and high school years in Chorzów, Poland, where his main passions included offshore sailing, acting and biomedical sciences. In 2016, he pioneered a novel artificial organ technology at Jagiellonian University, proposing his own alterations to the Harvard original design. Having gained national level media attention, he won the 1st Prize in Poland in European Union Contest for Young Scientists and went on to study BSc Neuroscience at UCL, funded by Sarmatian Bursary. At UCL, he led an international scientific collaboration between UCL Ear Institute and World Hearing Centre and served as the President of UCL Neuroscience Society, his BSc thesis focusing on novel discoveries of the neural basis of language. Pursuing an MSc in Advanced Neuroimaging, he leads the Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK, to foster the exchange of ideas and expertise, provide support for the Students and campaign for necessary institutional changes at British Universities.


Zuza Patryas

University of Oxford

Zuza reads Psychology and Linguistics at St. John’s College, University of Oxford. Finding the balance between science and humanities, she strives to help the community of Polish students flourish and grow. She greatly enjoys learning languages (Arabic is her love at first sight) and meeting new people, as she considers them to be the source of greatest inspiration. She was the Director of Marketing & Media for The 12th Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK and is currently an active member of the OxPolSoc Committee. Gaining experience from projects and internships, she’s always on the lookout for new challenges. She greatly values her international environment and appreciates the cultural exchange of ideas and perspectives. In her free time, you will probably spot her in the college gym, lifting heavy bars and bench pressing.

Vice - President

Gosia Majczak

University College London

Gosia is a first year Arts & Sciences student, majoring in Economics with Mathematics, and minoring in Law, at University College London. As someone who idolizes Renaissance polymaths, she broadens her knowledge in various disciplines ranging from mathematics, through economics to political philosophy, arts and cultures. Enthusiastic and energetic, she keeps herself busy all the time, can’t stay in one place for long. An avid skier, true adventure seeker, analog photography and theatre enthusiast. Supporting the liberal vision of the world, Gosia is an advocate for the European Union and the United Nations. An idealist at heart, she sees the greater wisdom in pursuing closer global cooperation and stronger human unity. She hopes to use her education and skills to implement her vision of the world and leave a mark on human history, (especially on how to combine academic and mad social lives, which she professes with fellow members of the team).

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