What is a small-to-medium enterprise (SME)?

A small-to-medium enterprise employs fewer than 250 employees and its annual turnover is lower or equal to EUR 50 mln.

Why work for a small-to-medium enterprise?

Working for a SME or start-up is beneficial due to many factors. From day one you will get a lot of responsibility and your job specification will be flexible, allowing you to learn more about the overall business of the firm. In addition to this, you will have an opportunity to make a significant impact on the business and the way in which certain processes are run.

Who can apply?

Polish students attending UK universities and recent graduates (up to one year after graduation) from all faculties and degrees are eligible to apply.

How to apply?

In order to apply for this programme, you would have to:

- choose any type of Polish small-to-medium enterprise – either those that are already our partners, or any other firm that you are interested in,
- contact with a host company and get accepted,
- fill the application form in and submit it, along with your CV, by 11:59pm (GMT+0) on Saturday 23rd April 2016,
- succeed at the interview stage which will take place in the week 25th-30th April 2016 (only for selected candidates).

The results will be announced on 7th May 2016


We have already spoken to a number of start-ups that are willing to take on board some interns. You can find the internships offers below:
Grupa Warszawa
Silk Software House
Social WiFi
Pitted Cherries
Duckie Deck
Monster & Devices
Transparent Data

Any questions?

For more information, please email us at internships@polsoc.org.uk