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Congress of Polish Students in the UK

Since 2008, hundreds of Polish students gather together and disscuss important issues from the worlds of politics, business, science and environmental issues, taking a stand in the public debate. The Congress is organised by a different society chosen at annual elections. In 2020, The 13th Congress will take place at  University of Cambridge.

Read more at www.polishcongress.com

Meetings and Events

The Federation organises many events, meet-ups and social gatherings across the country, serving as a platform for both professional & personal development. For more information, see our Facebook website, where all events are announced and advertised. 

Quarterly Journal

Knowledge & Experience

Launching a new society? Seeking funding for an event? Don't

be discouraged and ask for help and information! Thanks to many generations of Polish students The Federation can help you acquire the necessary knowledge. Don't hesitate to get in touch! 

In 2019, The Federation is launching an unpredecended project: The Federation Quarterly Journal featuring the voices of our community. Stay tuned!

Interested in writing for the Journal? Looking for a chance to try out your graphic talents? Let us know and join the first Federation Journal editorial team!

Hit us up at polsocfederationuk@gmail.com

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